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Jin Shanshan

SANGEETHAM is an individual institute for introducing Oriental art, especially Indian classical art in China. Since 2004, Sangeetham has produced many students, their hardworking made Indian dance become well known among Chinese people. Students of this institute got a lot of chance to dance for those important evens for cultural exchange between China and India. They have been danced for Indian cultural festival, 2006. Happy camp (快乐大本营) TV program in Hunan star TV 2007 and some other famous TV programs in CCTV. Danced for the foreign minister of India in 2008. Performed for president Pratibha Patil of India and vice president Xi Jinping of China in 2010.

The director - Ms.Jin Shanshan did her Bachelor of Arts in the Indian Language and Literature from the Department of Oriental Studies, Peking University. Since her childhood, she has been learning oriental dances at the Oriental Song and Dance Troupe, Beijing. During her studentship in Peking University, Ms. Shanshan was awarded the State Education Commission China Fellowship & ICCR Cultural Exchange Program Scholarship for advanced studies in the Indian Language and Literature at Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi; meanwhile, she underwent rigorous training in the Indian Classical Dances, especially the Bharatnatyam. During her four long and short stays in India, she received Bharatnatyam training from Leela Samson, the doyen of the Bharatnatyam in India and had the privilege to be one of her best and admired students. In May 1998, Jin Shanshan did here Arangatram in New Delhi, which attracted a huge audience including the then ambassador of the China in India, many high-ranking officials from of the Government of India, as well as top classical dancers of India. Jin shanshan has participated in all the important events between China and India. In May 2010, during the visit of president of India to China, Jin shanshan and her students performed Indian dance Bharatnatyam in front of President Pratibha Patil of India and vice president Xi Jinping of China, and the performance was highly appreciated by both of them.

Ms. Jin Shanshan had devoted 20 long years not only to the studies in the Indian Dance Theories but has also mastered the art of the dances in the course of rigorous training. She has long been associated with the cultural exchange programs between India and China. In 2005, in order to disseminate the Indian classical dance in China, she laid the Sangeetham Indian Classical Art Center in Beijing.

Djang San + Band

is built around the electric pipa and electric zhongruan, two ancient instruments modified to enter the 21st century.

Re-inventor of Chinese classical instruments zhongruan and pipa, composer, guitar player, one man orchestra, explorer of new sounds, Djang San has been doing music in Asia since the year 2000. An artist with many faces, Djang San has also won the battle of the bands in Mainland China and Hong Kong against about 100 bands in the year 2011. Djang San has so far released 40 albums, the music styles of the albums range from Jazz to electro, rock, classical music, experimental music and more. Creator of "A theory of intelligence", the personality of Djang San takes different shapes in his different projects.

Chen Xindi (China)

Dancer Choreographer

Be willing to explore improvisation, to focus on dance and physical theatre, to go to different environments to do experience and creation, continuously research body both with inside and outside.

Graduated from the Beijing Dance Academy of China in 2015, with Master degree in modern and contemporary dance choreography.