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Friday 12th 7:30pm

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Saturday 13th 7:30pm

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Sunday 14th 7:30pm

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Jessica Wu

Jessica Wu a young Indian classical dancer belongs to a family of artists, her mother Jin Shanshan is a well-known Bharatnatayam dancer in China. Jessica has been influenced by Indian culture from her childhood and started learning this dance form with her mother since the age of five and dancing for 14 years now .Jessica's mother take frequent visits to India to meet her Guru Ms Leela Samson, a renowned Bharatnatayam dancer so Jessica also travelled along with her mother and got opportunity to know Indian culture more closely. Jin ShanShan and Jessica has participated in several important cultural exchange Programs between China and India including performances for Presidents of China and India.

In 2019, Jessica's solo performance was held in New Delhi and was highly appreciated by the fraternity of Indian artists.

Ivan Dorzhiev

Born in 1982 Ivan Dorzhiev graduated from The Rimsky-Korsakov Saint-Petersburg State Conservatory.

Ivan Dorzhiev is a top prize winner of some other renowned international guitar competitions such as the "Virtuosos of guitar" International Guitar Competition in St. Petersburg (2010) and the "¡Viva España!" twice - in 2014 and 2015. In Spain, he was studying flamenco during 2012 and 2013 in Seville, Granada from Pedro Viscomi, Michele Laccarino.

Nowadays Ivan Dorzhiev leads an extensive concert work all around concert halls of Russia (Saint-Petersburg, Moscow and others) and abroad. His performances are recognized by international audiences and critics alike.

Ivan Dorzhiev is a top flamenco guitarist and exceptional musician who is redefining what is possible on and for his instrument.

Anzhe Zuo is recognised across the world as a cellist and artist of a unique quality, known as her broad and deep creation. Her artistic quality develops not only as a musician, but also as an abstract painter and a composer.

After the study in Tianjin Conservatory, she went abroad to Switzerland and received her Master Degree of Music Performance and Music Pedagogy in Zurich University of Arts. Cellists Yunxin Zhang, Pan Wang, Orfeo Mandozzi, Gavriel Lipkind, Martin Zeller have been important mentors in her music life. Besides, her activities in music festivals and masterclasses bring her experiences to work with great musicians such as David Geringas, Natalia Gutman, Wen Sinn Yang, Yehuda Hanani.

Anzhe Zuo regards deep understanding of music as a rather important process of performance. Besides cello playing, she studies Baroque Cello and Viola da Gamba with Martin Zeller. In the meantime, she improves the piano playing with Carl Wolf, and New Music playing with Martina Schucan.

As a soloist and chamber music player, Zuo performs regularly throughout Europe and China. Except concerts and recital performance, she also has rich experience with the projects of film music, electronic music, Theater performance. Among numerous projects and artists she has been working with, Anders Miolin, Stefka Perifanova etc. are most frequently performed musicians.