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Li Ying-Zhang Yang

Mezzo and Piano

Ding Yi



Saturday 20th 7:30pm

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Saturday 27th 7:30pm

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Claude Debussy - Petite Suite
1. En bateau
2. Cortege
3. Menuet
4. Ballet
Franz Schubert - Fantasie in F minor D.940
Maurice Ravel - Rhapsodie Espagnole
1. Prélude à la nuit
2. Malaguena
3. Habanera
4. Feria
Maurice Ravel - La Valse

"Yu(羽)"-- [Cindy Zha1] Piano Duet

Dr. Yu Meina and Dr. Fu Hong [Cindy Zha2] - the two ladies who formed the "Yu (羽)" Piano Duet are sharing very similar life experience - they started piano learning in a very young age, entering into music conservatories and then went to Germany for further education. They both achieved the highest level degree on solo concert piano performance, and came back to China, teaching in China Conservatory of Music. Also, both of them were honoured winners of various competitions. Their "Yu" Piano Duet was formed when the two lives across and both of the young concert masters see themselves in each other.

The Chinese character "羽 (Yu)" means feather, and is combined by two characters of "习 (Xi)" which means study; and the character "羽" looks like two people study together in solidarity. The image of feather brings feelings of elegance, flexibility, tenderness, and delicacy. Their music is best described by this character, which brings the audience freedom of imagination. With continuous effort of practicing and performing, the two ladies bringing depth and further interpretation into their duet, and their art reached harmony, distillation and liberation through independent thinking, cooperation, and even conflict, and their music therefore filled with much life and energy.

Not only the dexterity of western classical music being interpreted by the two pianists with tremendous elegance, but also thanks to growing up in a cultural background filled with mystery from the east, their Chinese music pieces were played with exceptional

Mezzo-soprano Li Ying and pianist Zhang Yang

Gabriel Faure
Le papillon et la fleur
Les Roses d'IspahanGreen
clair de luneMaurice Ravel
Le tombeau de couperinReynaldo Hahn
L'enamoureeClaude Debussy
FantocheMaurice Ravel
La Valse

Li Ying Mezzo-soprano

With the first prize of the unanimous vote,she won the highest diploma in European vocal field "Diplôme supérieur de Concertiste" in L'école normale de musique de Par-is.Mentored by the world renowned tenore singer Robert Dumé, the principal mezzo-soprano singer of opera de Paris at the Paris Opera, Beatrice Uria Monzon, the most famous carmen in the history of France, and soprano singer Anna Maria Miranda.
Was invited to host concerts at such famous festivals as the Paris de France, Festival international de Nîmes and Festival d'Enghien de Belgique, de château de Massent) The Chinese art director delivers many outstanding young artists to the festival.
On July 14, 2017, Li Ying was invited by Maurice Ripert, Ambassador of the French Embassy in Beijing, to hold a solo concert in China as the only Chinese artist representative at the National Day celebration in France. It was well received by both domestic and foreign counterparts. The Ambassador and his wife entrust Ms. Li Ying with their ambassadors to China and France and hope that the cultural exchanges between China and France will be more in-depth and successful.

Zhang Yang

Currently a piano associate professor in the Department of music at the Northeastern University, with two master's degrees. He has been tutored by Professor Zhang Fang, Professor Ke Enxin, Professor Rosemary Platt and Professor Drazdov Yuri. Won the second CCTV piano competition in the adult group, silver, the first national higher school piano performances of Liaoning first division and seventh Chinese music "Golden Bell" Piano Competition semi Finalist Award. In addition to the solo concert performances, has also repeatedly with the famous conductors Zhang Guoyong, Zhang Yi, Zhang Peiyu, Meng Xin, Bian Sicong and other cooperation performance of the piano concertos. In 2013 to commemorate the 140 anniversary of the birth of Rachmaninoff, played 3rd piano concerto of Rachmaninoff with the accompaniment by Symphony orchestra of Shanghai Opera House in Shanghai Music Hall, by the conductor and industry experts praise. In 2015 as a cooperative pianist, was invited to be known as "one of the China Three Tenors" Wei Song vocal piano accompaniment concert national tour, performed throughout more than 20 National City Poly halls, has been warmly welcomed and highly. Piano Concerto Concert held in 2015 in Shenyang Shengjing theatre, caused a sensation, the Shenyang daily conducted a special report. Liaoning province in 2015 to commemorate the 70 anniversary of the victory of the anti fascist war with the United States forest concert, conductor Barnaby Palmer cooperation Piano Concerto "the Yellow River", received widespread media attention.