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Friday 19th 7:30pm

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Saturday 20th 7:30pm

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Friday 26th 7:30pm

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Silent Voices

You've stolen the fire from the Gods

While tracking down the truth

But now you only find closed doors

Because the messenger usually gets killed

You disturbed them from their sweet dreams.

Because you're not afraid of the powers that rule

But, darling, no one listens to your voice.

They are afraid, because silence

Silenced is Power

You refuse to participate in this fairground

Refusing to dance with hatred and envy

And I know over time 'The truth will prevail'

But darling, they have little time to spare

Once, you immersed yourself with the herd

To sink yourself to the bottom of your heart

This is a world blinded by fear

You don't belong to this world.

You're not from this era.

You sprinkle salt in open wounds

They rather silence you, then acknowledge you

The price of honesty is always higher than you think

You've paid the price with your life

But, the time that used to be, has passed

And now you're just being silenced and ignored

Choreography: Kevin Polak

Performer: Ning Xi

Music: Stef Bos, Maaike Ouboter, Wende Snijders (Dutch Artists) & Damian Rice (Irish)




for 4 musicians

Christophe HAVEL


for flute, snare and electronic

François ROSSÉ

Fuku Yama

for saxophone and piano

George CRUMB


for piano

Thierry DE MEY

Musique de tables

for 3 musicians


Für Walter - Arc song II

for saxophone, piano and percussion



Bohuslav Martinu

Trio No.1 in G major

Claude Debussy

Trio in D minor Op. 49

Felix Mendelssohn