Our Next Concert

Eve Rosenbloom


Tibetan traditions

Qinghai, China

Chen Yi Teng

Piano recital


Saturday 9th 7:30pm

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Friday 15th 7:30pm

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Saturday 16th 7:30pm

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Eve Rosenbloom is coming from Sevilla, Spain and she will give masterclass at Casa Flamenco, Beijing.

She will be dancing in La Plantation as well, to communicate to the chinese audience the fire and elegance of Flamenco culture...

The first Chinese blessing music group !

There is a kind of music that is natural and melodious. Listener can gain a sense of belief and release pressure. It was created long time ago, but it is also respected by contemporary people. This is Buddhist chants. This blessed music is recognized as a national intangible cultural heritage by the state council. In September, 2017, there are five young people who come from the Tibet autonomous region found the Tuo Le Group. They created perfect music by combining folk music and Buddhist chants, which can release yourself and delight listeners.

As the first Chinese blessing music group, the five singers were described as "flawless" by the director of Chinese society music research council. Their unique music impress people tranquility and present the best wishes.


L.V Beethoven- Sonata in A Flat Major op. 110

Moderato cantabile e molto espressivo

Allegro molto

Adagio ma non troppo- Fugue: allegro ma non troppo

S. Barber- Sonata op. 26

Allegro energico

Allegro vivace e leggiero

Adagio mesto

Fugue- allegro con spirito



Petrarch Sonnet no 47

Schubert arranged by Liszt

Auf dem wasser zu singen


Rhapsodie Espagnole S.254

Chen Yiteng, born in 1988, Beijing, started his 1st piano lesson with his father on the age of 3. In his early ages, he shows special talent in music and share interests in other art forms. At the age of 8, he studied with the prof. Zhang Zhiwei of the central conservatory of music in Beijing, and began to earn all kinds of competition prizes and perform concertos with orchestras. In the age of 14, he choose to study with famous chinese pianist and educator prof. Li Qifang. He earned the full scholarship of the Oberlin College conservatory in 2007, when he was 18 and began his four years studies in the United States, teacher was pianist Monique Duphil. He returned in china and continue studied with prof. Li Qifang in 2011.

As a pianist, Chen Yiteng has given many successful concerts, in the Forbidden city concert hall, Chinese Nation Library concert hall Peking university concert hall and so on, also giving concerts with famous musicians as violinist Xuewei, pianist Huang Yameng and etc. He's performance has gained the recognition of famous musicians such as violinist Xue Wei, Sheng Zhong Guo and Lv siqing and conductors along with other famous artists in other art forms. He is known specially good at perform Deutch and Austrilian classic composers works.